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Banners and flags can be an excellent short term solution to advertise products and events.

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Banners are a great alternative to signs because they are much cheaper to produce and tend to be more of a short term signage solution. This means if you have something that you’d like to promote, but it might change often, then banners are probably more value for money in the long run. The actual material properties of banners also allow for them to be displayed in all sorts of places. They can be made wind resistant so that they can hang outdoors to catch attention. They can be produced with folds and pockets to allow for brackets and unusual placement such as scaffolding. They can also be supplied with eyelets to allow you to hang it on a flat surface or between walls.

Space3 can produce a range of banners, so whether you’re looking for something cheaper that’s for one event that can just become a throwaway banner, to something you’d like to look professional and attractive as a longer term solution to advertising, then we can discuss your requirements and budget to produce something that suits your individual needs.

Flags similarly are a wonderful opportunity to catch attention and advertise your brand, product or event.

We have a full design, production and installation service for all of our banners and flags.

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Our flag and banner range includes

  • Banners with hems & eyelets

  • Banner frames

  • Wall mount banner systems

  • Pole mount banner systems

  • Cafe windbreaks

  • Pop up banners

  • Roll-up banners

  • Tension system banners

  • Digitally printed flags

  • World flags/Country flags

  • Flag poles

  • Windchaser flags

  • Table flags

  • Wall mount flag poles

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