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We’re here to make LED lighting simple!
LED Lighting is a brilliant way to transform a space, showcase a product, inspire customers, create atmospheres or simply to save on energy bills.


Our Products

Our LEDs can have varying brightness levels, colour temperatures, can be colour changing, or displayed behind frosted channel and much more!

From large scale refurbishment projects, to a strip of LEDs in your vehicle, we can cater to your needs.

We stock a large range of LED lighting products. Our products include colour changing LEDS, stylish controllers, various white temperatures, channelling and much more!

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We are here to make LED lighting simple!

We have many years experience in LED illumination and in particular being a specialist supplier to the commercial interior, shop-fit, hotels, domestic and display industries.

We stock a range of single, or colour changing LED’s suitable for all applications including alcove, plinth, wall wash, signage, lightbox & decorative lighting.

We can sell you individual components as required or alternatively we can work with you to advise you on the most suitable LED’s for your project. We can also just supply LED’s to you as a kit including power supplies, connectors & tools for a successful project or we can install them for you.

LED’s are far more efficient using a fraction of the energy than traditional incandescent light bulbs and a third less energy than compact fluorescent light bulbs. LED’s are also very small and produce far less heat so can be used in spaces where normal light bulb & tubes would not fit.

This is where Space3 will help. Just give us a call and we can advise the best to suit your requirements.

Yes. We do a range of LED’s which are waterproof to IP66, IP67 & IP68. For more details click here . We can advise which will suit your situation. We also supply a range of outdoor rated power supplies to suit.

Yes…and No! Single colour ribbon LED’s can be connected to a transformer and then plugged straight into a 240V socket. Most of the LED’s come with a self-adhesive backing to stick straight onto the surface and can be cut every 50mm to make the required length. Things start to get a bit more complicated with the introduction of colour changing LED’s, multiple lengths, Dimmers & Controllers. In this situation we would supply a simple to use diagram for assistance or we can install for you.

LED’s run off a 12v or 24v supply so you need to convert from 240V mains supply. We stock a variety of power supplies for outdoor and indoor use which can be plugged straight into the mains or hard wired by an electrician.

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